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check out my picture

on the cover of

Good taste magazine and a featured

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Recent Shoot

I found myself navigating the streets of my home town like a tourist.

in Cape Town this month .

It was quite a profound experience .

While on a location recce.

2 weeks prior to a  shoot.

with the objective of locating special areas to shoot.

taking into consideration buildings , traffic, logistics and light and people.

I gained valuable insight in this exercise , refining the way I work and how I  prepare myself better  .

When it came to shooting.

We had agreed to capture imagery for both  campaign stills and film alongside each other.

this made for a good score for our client capturing great footage for both mediums.

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I teamed up with make Up artist Elena Becker from Hamburg.

We had the idea to create a narrative that depicted

The famine bond that exists between women that somehow skirts along the fine lines of sexuality and friendship.

  Lifestyle / Travel

Tom Tom ride, hired me to capture their rider

campaign in Cape town .

with a couple of days in the Franchoek and Cillaris pass and  surrounds .

I woke up to bad rainy weather .

I left  Cape Town  positive that  moments  would happen after the rains had passed .

A few hours later our situation improved

just after lunch as the clouds broke up and rays of magic light appeared.





I got this one while  on assignment

in Lisbon

for Avon Cosmetics 


Teaming up with Amplify studio

to host this once off installation piece

The 7 sins

An exploration of a beauty styled photoshoot with a theme on

The 7 sins .


A personal exhibition which was exhibited at gallery Amplify

In Cape Town.

The set of images and films were a  result with artists

Charmaine De cock who created the make up and hair as well as the 

sharing the  responsibilities of the art direction leading into the shoot..




“Stephen continues to excel and produce the goods, and it must be said that he backs up his photographic expertise with a very calm and professional attitude, very easy to work with and fits in to a team immediately. A can-do person and a strong team player. Respected amongst clients & producers.”
Nolan Hooper
Producer - Hoops Productions
“Stephen is very professional and gets the job done with a positive attitude. Stephen's ability to capture light and emotion is an added benefit to any shoot and he adds value to any brief<br /> with his creative input and experience. He understands what is expected of any international shoot. He has the ability through his visual media to connect people with their lives and connect their lives with the world.”
Mona Nortier
Producer - Episode Media Productions
“Stephen has a passion for his work that I have never experienced before. His creativity always astounds me. He is an easy photographer to work with an always makes time to listen to everyones point of view.”
Danielle Vukic
Producer - Solar Productions


“I’m attracted to things that are a bit more emotional
when it comes to image making.
It may be social issue that needs a voice or its capturing the portrait that
requires a deep understanding of the person.

Things that are a bit more difficult to articulate, so
its about showing art essentially making it
both beautiful and communicative.”

© Stephen Greeff Photography